Online escort services make things a little worse because most of the men feel that they don’t have to put any special effort to impress the escort

Online escort services make things a little worse because most of the men feel that they don’t have to put any special effort to impress the escort. However, it’s not true. So when men decide to meet the escort they sometimes feel a little shy to take things forward. If you are looking for a serious relationship with an online escort, then you need to be a little aware of the things so that you can enjoy the game. Have a look at the following tips which can make online escort dating experience awesome for you. You just want to take the escort to bed. However, when you are planning to have a serious relationship with her; you should give her some time to understand you. Always make your intentions clear from the very first day you meet whether you want to just sleep with her or have a serious relationship. It will also be easier for the women to make a choice. You must have heard from some of your friends who had an awesome experience and sometimes people who keep on complaining.

Always Be Honest

 Don’t think it as a trial and error process otherwise you will end up wasting your valuable time. You should believe that finding escorts online is one of the best ways to fulfill your wild desires and you should have that confidence that you will get what you desired. When you have made up your mind it will be easy for you to look for an escort and have a good experience. Always look for a profile where you get the option to read the description. It proves that the website you have chosen is genuine. Most of the people usually prefer location based dating sites because it gives you the options to meet the escorts in a nearby area. However, you should do a little bit of research on the reputation of the website, its features and the kind of escorts they have in the site. You should also check their reviews or what others are saying about the escort website. Be a little more active.

Good Pictures

Therefore, you should look smart in your DP. The outfit may not be format, but you should look smart and sexy. Try to post a DP where you are wearing anything casual. Go for a good haircut. It will make you look good. What you should remember is that professional escorts won’t feel attracted if you don’t look good. Of course, women love compliments and they would love it more if they are appreciated. You should only give her compliments when it’s necessary and to be honest you should always keep it minimal. To make your online escort dating experience awesome, you should try to think out of the box.

Free Kama Sutra Position Photos – How to Find Them Online Easily

Better Midler once said: “If sex is such a natural phenomenon, how come there are so many books on how to do it?”

Without a shadow of doubt, sex manuals will sell well as long as men are still having sex. According to NY Daily Post, sales Kama Sutra products soar regardless of bad economy. If you are low on the budget but wish to satisfy your partner in sex, read on as I reveal how you can find free Kama Sutra position photos online:

#1.Google Book Search (URL:

Formerly known as Google Print, it was first introduced in Frankfurt Book Fair 2004. It is a search engine that lists text of public domain and copyrighted books (with permission), including Kama Sutra. Here’s how:

Firstly, go to the URL stated above, and then click on the “Advanced Book Search” text link at the right of search column.
Type the word “Kama Sutra” in the search box, and select “limited preview and full preview”.
In the following page, you will be shown a list of digital books on subject of your choice. Scroll down to the page and click “Self-help/ Sexual Instruction” to refine your search.
Click each search result to search for Kama Sutra positions photos. Note that many books provide limited preview due to copyright reasons. However, with a little patience you should have no problems finding illustration you want.

#2. Google Image Search

The big G is another great resource to find Kama Sutra position photos. When you arrive to Google home page, click the “Images” text link on the top left. Then, type “Kama Sutra positions” into the search box. The search results yield list of pictures in thumbnail size. As the image search function is not as savvy as text search, you may have to go beyond the first few pages to find the best and most accurate photos.

The 10 Things You May Not Know About Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace can be very hard to define, as is not always obvious what qualifies as harassment and what does not. It is important to educate yourself on the facts before you unknowingly become a victim or a harasser. These ten points below will give insight into the misconceptions regarding Sexual Harassment in the workplace.

Simply making a suggestive remark can be considered sexual harassment. Signs of harassment include suggestive remarks, testing or taunting of a sexual nature, unwelcome physical contact or sexual advances, continual use of offensive language, sexual bantering, bragging about sexual prowess, office or locker room pin-ups and compliments with sexual overtones.
Sexual harassment does not need to occur between two people of the opposite sex- in fact, many cases involve same-sex harassment.
Having a sexual harassment policy in place does not protect a company in lawsuits, though companies with strong, effective policies against harassment are less vulnerable to successful suits. Companies must disseminate these policies to employees and provide adequate training or be held legally accountable.
If a victim’s patients or clients are the harassers, it still counts. A harasser can be the victim’s supervisor, an agent of the employer, a supervisor in another area, a co-worker or even a non-employee, such as the doctor’s patients or a sales rep’s clients.
Sexual misconduct is not a critical element in sex harassment lawsuits. In other words, a lawsuit does not have to be based on any actual “sex” that took place.
Sexual conduct is only illegal when it is unwelcome, meaning that the victim did not solicit or incite the conduct and the victim regarded the conduct as undesirable or offensive.
Anything sent or located in a shared folder or bookmarked on a public computer, such as offensive Web sites, inappropriate photos or distasteful e-mails, could be considered nontraditional sex harassment or cyberstalking. In terms of U.S. law, both traditional and nontraditional harassment are illegal.
Employees claiming sexual harassment who know about but fail to take advantage of company policies or resources designed to prevent or eliminate harassment have much weaker cases than those who do. In fact, rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court emphasize “reasonable behavior” by both employees and employers in harassment cases. For employees, this means taking advantage of company anti-harassment policies.
Cases with male victims goes largely unreported. Less than 20% of all cases are filed by men. Researchers believe this figure vastly under-represents actual incidents in which men are victims.
Instead of keeping a distance, a supervisor should always try to negotiate a resolution between the victim and the harasser. If supervisors can deal with a situation immediately and effectively, a costly lawsuit may be avoided.

This ten- point article is designed to help inform you on the lesser-known facts of sexual harassment. By analyzing relevant case studies, we collected these important facts to pass on to employers, trainers HR representatives and employees. With these points in mind, sexual harassment in the workplace can be identified and potentially avoided. Because every work environment is different, it is necessary to double- check your own company’s policies and protocols for dealing with harassment. In addition, educating yourself on current laws and regulations within your state will help to keep you one step ahead, as harassment laws are constantly evolving.

Sexual Transmutation – Using Visualization and Emotional Control to Achieve Milestones Beyond Belief

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha

Emotional Transmutation is possibly the most powerful force of change or motivation one can consciously control. Simply stated, emotional, or sexual transmutation is the conversion of latent or dominant emotional / sexual energy into useful productive energies for self growth, reaching goals, personal change, or other purposes.

Think about it, what urges drive and shape a hugely profitable fashion industry? What thoughts have risen up onto a pillar the massive pornographic industry? What desires assist you to stay in shape, look your best, or drink a low fat latte instead of a regular?

The Power of Desire

When you are attracted to a member of the opposite sex, what happens? Something in your brain is triggered; It is something you cannot explain. It borders obsession, hinges on lust, and craves the adventure of the chase. Love may be a factor but the core human response to these initial interactions is simple – raw desire.

Occasionally love gets in the way and often times heartache can play a factor in the achievement of desire. Thankfully, heartache and sexual desire are the two biggest known factors of motivation aside from self-preservation.

We humans will go through many phases of development but a primary developmental factor evident in all stages is the drive to procreate – to connect – to give life to someone or something that will exceed beyond our own legacy.

Intense feelings of longing or need can accompany desire in its nonsexual capacity as well. Just think about the last time you saw something that you wanted to badly that it became a need. If you continued to think about this object, person, or substance that need would begin to transform into a strong, burning desire.

Whenever an experience, idea, or substance engages us and moves us toward this need to “feel good” we tend to gravitate towards it. We tend to crave it. We tend to circumvent all odds just in order to get it.

So, how can we learn to consciously channel our desires for things less exciting than sex, drugs, and rock and roll? How can we assimilate this type of motivation into tasks such as living our dreams or actively pursuing our most wild fantasies?

For many of us, simply channeling a bit of extra juice in the workplace would be a huge benefit.

The Power of Passion

Passion is easily confused with desire. In fact, the difference between the two is more or less a simple application of logic. Where they differ lies within the fact that passion pertains to something understood to be in possession. In order to have a “passion” for something, you must first obtain it or have a good working knowledge of it.

Passion is more closely related to the emotional response caused by desire (lust) and can extend the psychological imprint of desire.

The reason for this is that passion is an emotional, or chemical, release by the brain in response to the ego-driven and primarily intellectual causes of desire. If you desire something so deeply that it triggers emotion, passion will release feelings similar to or equaling love in order to act as an emotional reinforcement.

This chemical response of “feeling good” is then used by the brain to categorize the pattern as desirable and a new neural imprint is then stored in our subconscious.

Any repetitive thought or action steeped in emotion will likely become a self fulfilling prophecy. Because you are consciously aware of your thoughts, actions, intentions, and the role they play in your success or failure you can begin using visualization to complete the triangle. Are you ready to hit the triple play?

Using Visualization, the Final Step

Visualization is the activity of mentally altering your thought process to “escape” reality. Visualization is an integral part of many meditative practices, success workshops, and coaching strategies. Psychologists use visualization to assist their patients. Prayer is also a form of visualization. If you have ever daydreamed, you have practiced visualization.

To do this activity, you will need a colorful photo of something that holds some emotional significance. You could use a photo of your home, your new car, your spouse, or a vacation spot which you have visited or would like to visit.

For best effect, the photo should contain vibrant colors.

Find a quiet, comfortable location either sitting or lying down. Take care to remove any tight fitting clothing or objects which could alter your experience, such as a wallet in your back pocket. If you are sitting, you should sit erect with your feet touching the ground. If you are lying down, lie on your back with your legs comfortably stretched.

Now, look at the photo for a few moments, focus on the details, the colors, and the environment. After focusing on the photo for a few moments, shut your eyes. As your eyes adjust to the darkness and your surroundings fade, begin to recall the photograph. Do you feel a breeze? Are there any smells? Perhaps a garden is nearby? Can you feel the sun on your skin? If the photo was of a person, interact with them, hug them, be in the moment.

Use your imagination to put yourself into the photo and the environment to the best of your ability. This is a right hemisphere function of the brain, therefore some may find it easier to do than others. Do not worry, simply practice and take your time.

The key here is to learn to trick your mind into believing it’s own illusion. When you are able to clearly visualize something you desire, and desire it so heavily that emotions and passion run parallel, you are ready to actively begin reprogramming your brain using visualization, passion, and desire.

7 Key Pointers on Photo Submission to a Promotional Modeling Agency

1.) Type of Photos: First off, be prepared with one headshot and one full-length body shot. A good body shot doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be in your bikini or underwear. One that accurately portrays your body type without cutting anything off will work. Last but not least, your photos do not need to be professionally done but pictures of when you look your best. In accordance with the pictures you submit, you will need to look your best when working for the agency or client you are promoting.

2.) Personality: Make sure your photos showcase your personality. Promotional events require brand ambassadors to be upbeat and outgoing. As you can imagine, having pictures that represent a great personality will boost your odds of earning an interview and your odds of booking work.

3.) Background: Make sure the background is not distracting. Pictures taken in your bedroom or other rooms in your house are fine, just so long as there is not massive clutter. A solid and/or natural background is ideal.

4.) Accurate Representation: Send photos that represent what you actually look like in real life. Keep edits and filters to a bare minimum. If your picture has been edited to the point where it doesn’t even look like you, coming to an interview will be a waste of our time and yours. Strange filters, lighting, and dated pictures also fall into information distortion. Send in photos that are current- taken in the last year.

5.) Strange Angles: Please do not send in “mirror pics”. Clients can request to see pictures of the models they would like to have at their promotional event. We cannot provide them with “mirror pics” or other strange angles. The agency shouldn’t have to crane their necks in order to see a normal portrayal of a model.

6.) Taste/Classiness: Do not EVER send nude or overly sexualized photos. This is not what we are looking for, nor is it the kind of modeling you will ever do with our agency. Any pictures displaying your crazy party side will be frowned upon as well. Again, keep in mind your submission photos are used to represent you when booking work.

7.) Make-up and Outfit: Natural make-up is best. If submitting a photo with more dramatic nighttime make-up, make sure to send in a natural look as well. In regards to your attire, keep it simple.